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Pre Pregnancy Counselling

Pre-Pregnancy Counselling

Having a healthy happy and safe pregnancy begins with observing your OB/GYN history, the counselling is predominantly focussed on maximizing the reproductive and pregnancy outcomes.

Diet & Lifestyle Counseling

We offer comprehensive care and support that includes nutritional counseling. . Also, a very customized diet plan can be worked out based on your Prakriti (body) to harness the wholeness and goodness of mother’s milk. This will immensely help your baby to absorb complete nutrition and help in building strong immunity and overall health.

Diet & Lifestyle counseling
Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation

Curated and selected yoga asanas and breathing exercises from a well-trained experienced yoga doctor can be tailor made to assist your body so that specific glands and hormones are rightly simulated.

Fertility Treatment

Human body is a complex balance of five elements along with the mind and intellect. To address this, a holistic and integrative approach works best whether it’s fertility, pregnancy or birthing by offering evidence based integration by collaborating with the couples, understanding their specific and individual needs.

Here at My Birthplace it’s not merely about informed consent, it’s about respecting the individual choices by empowering them to decide what their body and mind needs within the boundaries of accepted evidence based medical sciences. And all this is led by a team of highly qualified, trained and experienced team of doctors and professionals.

Fertility Treatment

There is a proven way to stay empowered in pregnancy

Get a consultation to know how.