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Integrating the wisdom of traditional birthing with the accuracy of modern medicine.

My birthplace is India’s first modern integrative birth center that combines the best of traditional birthing practices with the accuracy of modern-day medical sciences to offer high-standard and family-centered maternity care.

We strongly believe that a women’s body isn’t just a physical entity that exhibits various biological mechanisms but an embodiment of physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony.

Pregnancy and childbirth are the crucial stages of womanhood that give every woman a new perspective toward her life. That said, the care and support for the pregnancy and childbirth must be holistic in a way that promotes the physical and mental well-being of the mother and the baby.

A place where risk-free expectant mothers choose the way they want to deliver

At My Birthplace, we give personalized and focused care to every expectant mother and travel with her throughout her maternity journey. We care for her in every aspect of wellness. We are concerned about how she feels, her sleep cycle, her diet regime, how exposed is she to nature, etc.

We encourage risk-free expectant mothers to even choose the way they want to deliver. They can choose normal delivery or natural birthing or even C-section to give birth.

We do this because we want every expectant mother to be confident about each phase in her maternity period and feel empowered in welcoming their offspring. Also, we see childbirth as a spontaneous event that requires both physical and emotional support. That’s why, every decision made—whether it’s choosing a delivery model or opting for a wellness session—is derived from genuine conversations between the doctors and the expectant couples.

Our approach not only empowers the expectant mothers but also alleviates the unnecessary fears and anxiety that are otherwise difficult to deal with.


Natural birthing at My Birthplace is unique in a way that it facilitates natural childbirth by providing a holistic support throughout the pregnancy.


Integrative birth center led by doctors

My Birthplace isn’t a birth center managed by mid-wives, but an integrative facility that is led by doctors themselves.

Dr. S.Lakshmi Priya
MBBS, DGO, MRCOG (UK), DRM (Germany)
Consultant OBS & GYN

Dr. S. Lakshmi Priya heads My Birthplace. An alumnus of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, London, UK, Dr. Lakshmi Priya has 15 years of experience in caring for expectant mothers and welcoming 100+ newborns. She is a profound specialist in gynecology, obstetrics, and fertility treatment, and has been proactively working towards the wellness of women and children.

Our Team

Dr Yamuna R

Naturopathy & Yoga

Sreeja Vinodh

Birth Partner


Senior Staff Nurse

Our First Circle Family

Why My Birth Place?

Integrative Birth Center

My Birthplace is assimilated within a hospital so that deliveries that involve risks are swiftly addressed with medical interventions.

Personalized & Focused Care

We give personalized and focused care and support in every stage of pregnancy, during and after childbirth.

Pleasant Birthing Experience

With personalized care, and physical and emotional support we make sure your childbirth is pleasant.

Collaborative Decision Making

Whether it’s choosing a delivery model or opting for a wellness session, every decision is made out of genuine conversations between the doctors and expectant couples.

Peer-to-Peer Support

We build a community called ‘My Birthplace Circle’, where young mothers share their birthing experiences and insights with expectant ones and share the joy of motherhood.

There is a proven way to stay empowered in pregnancy

Get a consultation to know how.