Street Food

In Jammu city street food are very famous. Few of them are Raghu Nath Bazar De Rajma Chawal, Bread Kaladi , City Chowk Ka Kadah (Halwa), Singh Ke Kaladi, Fattu Choughan Banta Wala, Girdhari Ke Kachaloo, Purani Mandi Kulfi Wallah, Nandni Ke Paneer Ke Pokode. Spicy mouth watering Street food in jammu city  makes your taste buds craving more…….





The  place where I  always eat Rajma  Chawal is located in Purani Mandi. A  food for “FOOD LOVER”. Indian whole spicy food served with roti and  chawal.







kaladi Kulcha


Kaladi Kulcha a homemade cheese made from cow’s or goat’s milk. It can be seen in the menu list of road side vendors as well as in big shops too. kaladi kulcha is often served hot and salty with onion, tomatoes . Few more items came into existence like kaladi pokodas, Burger with kaladi.








City-chowk-ka-kadah is famous all over in Jammu city. Two venders are running  their stalls early morning serving “Sooji Ka Halwa” in city chowk jammu. In dogre language “halwa” is called as “Kadah”. They serverd sooji ka halwa in doona which is made of dry leaves.







Girdhari Ke Kachaloo


kachaloo belongs to the potatoes family. Girdhari the most famous Kachaloo wala in Jammu city. Kachaloo is one of the most spicy and flavoured street food .











“Purani Mandi Kulfi Wala” is famous in Jammu city. Again a famous menu list  in jammu city and locally we called it as Matke  Kulfi, Faluda, Lachhe Wale Kulfi 







Nandini ke Paneer  ke Pokoda is delicious in taste and very famous among the people . It is crispy and crunchy inside. While crossing the nandini tunnel, road side vendor which serve “Panner-Pokoda” as a snacks. One must try if they are travelling to Katra in jammu city. This is the best refreshment which is  serverd with tea.

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