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Birth Story Mrs. Tamilarasi

This is Mrs. Tamilarasi first delivery… she opted for natural birthing… Tamilarasai is a cheerful and a confident woman! She radiates positive energy and she was keeping her high spirits throughout her pregnancy and delivery!

A very supportive and understanding husband and both of them were fully together into the whole experience and this togetherness elevated her birthing experience to a different level!!!

She underwent and practiced yoga and other exercises and kept herself positive and healthy throughout…

Mrs. Tamilarasi, especially with our Chief Dr. Lakshmi Priya, there was a special bonding and understanding between them… our Chief believes in offering personalised and focused attention and when there’s a good relationship, even though it’s her first delivery, the understanding was natural and seamless… if you notice the photos taken post-delivery, you’ll see that there’s no tension or stress that usually and naturally comes along with most pregnancies and deliveries… you can notice a special chemistry working out!!!

On the day of the delivery… she had spontaneous labour and pain… she progressed well initially… it was a quite a long labour… almost close to 18 hours!!! Now imagine the strength needed by the expectant mother to endure such long hours of pain and stress!!! And also imagine the patience and understanding that our Chief has to put in to support and keep along this journey!!!

After a while the spontaneous labour progression slowed… Mrs. Tamilarasi naturally was tired… she had to take some rest and interval for exercises… but she decided to calmly focus on the labour and progress so that she can conserve her energies…. But after sometime, the progression slowed down very much… the expectant mother was also very tired… and at this point after assessing her medically our Chief suggested she be supported with little interventions as without it, it may cause some stress to the baby at this stage… and it was administered after taking the expectant mother into full confidence…

Further after complete dilation… there was a delay in progression… at this point the expectant mother wanted the assistance of a forceps or a vacuum pump… but our Chief after closely monitoring the baby and assessing other parameters felt she can deliver without these support and motivated and encouraged her… obviously after such long labour the expectant mother was little low and tired… but she understood our Chief’s suggestions and went along… and as our Chief expected at the end she delivered normally!!!

The little baby charm with great struggle saw the light of the world! The very presence of the baby delighted all of us with joy and happiness!!!

We at My Birthplace - India’s First and Only Integrative Birthing Centre Led by Doctors, wish the baby and the family joy filled future!!!

Mrs Tamilarasi, Coimbatore

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