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Birth Story Mrs. Navin Priya

Ms. Navin Priya & Uday Kumar are from Erode… they had their first baby through a C- Section and were very keen to have a normal delivery for the second! Most of the hospitals they visited near their place didn’t entertain them for a VBAC or normal delivery after C-Section of the previous one!!! They came to us seeing our social media post from Instagram and were very excited to have a normal delivery… she connected with our Birthing Partner Sreeja at 28 weeks and felt very comfortable. Of course she had numerous doubts and fears and our Birthing Partner patiently went through all of them and Ms. Navin Priya was confident!

She went through counselling and informed her what’s needed of her and how to prepare her mind and body through our antenatal sessions including yoga, pranayama, lifestyle modifications and diet. We also clearly indicated to her that pregnancy and delivery can never be predicted and she has to be open to any emergencies. She was very open and receptive and understood it, further she wanted to just experience the joy of going into active labour and feel the whole experience even if it meant not to have a normal delivery in the end!!!

She underwent yoga sessions under the guidance of our Dr. Yamuna and as advised had an active lifestyle. Also, since there’s always a chance and a risk in VBAC, under the medical supervision and prescription she was given Ayurvedic medicines for further support and ease of delivery.

Ms. Navin Priya’s pregnancy & birthing is a classical example of how integrative birthing experience and expertise helps and supports expectant mothers in a holistic way. How the science of yoga, counselling, allopathy and Ayurveda come together to enhance and aides birthing experience!

At 40 weeks she went into spontaneous labour and came from Erode along with her husband, mother and daughter!!! Pregnancy & Birthing is not a disease it’s an experience, having your family especially your daughter besides is a beautiful experience by itself!!!

Our Birthing Partner Sreeja & Dr. Yamuna were there with her and supported her throughout. As it’s a VBAC, our Chief Dr. Lakshmi Priya stayed back at the hospital all the time to ensure that she was properly monitored given all medical attention that’s needed from time to time. To manage her pain some basic interventions were done under the request of the expectant mother.

At almost 4 O Clock, as the day was breaking, a charming princess emerged normally and a VBAC done successfully!!! Delayed cord clamping was done. The family was thrilled and the mother was back to her normalcy within an hour!!!

VBAC delivery needs more skill and expertise from the medical team… at My Birthplace - India’s First and Only Integrative Birthing Centre Led by Doctors we approach every birthing in the aspiration to provide a lifetime experience to the expectant couple and family within the boundaries of medical sciences. Also our integrative birthing approach provides a holistic understanding to ensure this experience is enhanced with best from varied sciences under the medical supervision of skilled, qualified, experienced doctors and medical support team with humane touch.

We wish the baby and the family the best the world could offer!

Mrs Tamilarasi, Coimbatore


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