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Mrs. Manjupriya Sivakumar

Mrs. Manjupriya Sivakumar & her husband are software engineers, she came to us at 30 weeks and was previously having her antenatal check ups at Chennai… seeing one of our Instagram posts on Natural Birthing she came to us… keen on natural birthing, she was very skeptical when she first met us!

After meeting and discussing with our Chief Dr. Lakshmi Priya, she was totally confident that she’ll have her delivery with us…

Initially she met Dr. Yamuna to understand her body and it’s needs… she was given a wholesome yoga package along with lifestyle & dietary inputs… in her consecutive visit she met our Birthing Partner Ms. Sreeja… Ms. Manjupriya had innumerable doubts to be clarified and that’s where a good Birthing Partner comes in… all her doubts were patiently addressed and with it her confidence gained!

Naturally as any expectant mother, she had her own fears and doubts… our Chief could sense it and was aware of it!

On the day of Diwali she presented with pain… but after careful examination it was evaluated as false pain and was sent home… so a small disappointment that it’s not a Diwali delivery!!!

Few days later she again came from Tirupur with mild pains!!! She was advised by our Chief to rest and undertake some specific exercises under Dr. Yamuna… though she was going through pain, her face never showed it… she was calm and composed to all our surprise! Maybe is it again false pain? But after examining her, it was found she had dilated by 6-7 cms!!! Yet she didn’t show any intense visible signs of pain!!! Her routine adherence to yoga sessions has tremendously helped her… and this is not the first expectant mother we are seeing like this… expectant mothers who undertake carefully selected yoga sessions routinely under the supervision of a yoga doctor who has more exposure, expertise and experience in pregnancy and birthing really helps during delivery! She continued with yoga and we came to know she is a Bharathanatiyam dancer!!!!

Her stress levels started to build… sensing this Dr. Yamuna & Sreeja calmed her down with light curated music and as she calmed… she started to joyously sync with the music with dance movements… and she was dilated to 8 cm!!!!

Her parents and family outside were wondering what was happening inside??? No screams! No visible signs of distress! But music and joy radiating all around!!! What’s happening inside??! They were kept updated all along and they too though surprised were going with the flow!!!

She had a very short labour and a joy filled prince emerged naturally! Seeing the prince the father was in tears of joy!!! All were speechless seeing the confidence the mother had during the labour!!!

Truly a team collaboration… the mother, father, their families along with Dr. Yamuna, Ms. Sreeja, medical team with our Chief… all played their role to perfection and the outcome is like a symphony music… the music itself is the baby!!!

We at My Birthplace - India’s First and Only Integrative Birthing Centre Led by Doctors wish the baby and the family the best life offers!!!

Mrs.Manjupriya Sivakumar

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