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Mrs. Karthiga Vivekanandan’s

Mrs. Karthiga Vivekanandan’s pregnancy & birthing experience is one filled with so many cycles of challenges, hope, fear, and joy!

She lost her previous pregnancy at about 8 months in her native due to high BP… when she met our Chief, naturally she was devastated and was extremely difficult to overcome… Our Chief counselled her and asked her to wait for some more time before she could plan for the next pregnancy…

After about six months… she came back to us… with lots of counselling, diet and lifestyle choices and with minimal medical support she conceived in the very first cycle!!!

Obviously all her past experiences and fears gripped her… constantly she was monitored for high BP and everyday injections were given to stabilise… medically and psychologically it’s a painful process… but she went through it… her husband was such a strength of support and confidence… constantly helping and supportive!!!

She strictly followed all our advices on diet and yoga… further keeping her BP and past experiences in mind we put her on to some focused and customised relaxation techniques and exercises… she was immensely benefited from all these…

Our Chief consciously spent time with her and made her aware about the importance of being in the now and not to be carried away by her experience! At about 32 weeks, she was down with fever… and further at about 33 weeks, we found out that the fetus was in breech position (the baby was upside down)… one challenge after the other and all these added to her stress… Dr. Yamuna, our yoga doctor, asked her to do some very specific asanas for the baby to get back to the normal position… at 35 weeks, when the scan was about to be done… all of us were anxious to know about the baby’s position!!! Dr. Yamuna, was beside all the time during the scan and to everyone’s joy, the baby had regained normal position!!!

This is the wonder of integrative birthing!!! Bringing varied sciences together for enhanced pregnancy & birthing experience for the expectant couples!!! And in Ms. Karthiga’s experience one could see how beautifully this integration works!!!

Also during the scans we noticed the baby used to always move more when the father comes close by!!! The expectant mother said her husband always used to spend lots of time saying bedtime stories to the baby!!!! Of course that’s nature and the baby in the womb knew it!!!!

As all was progressing well, at about 38 weeks, it was noticed that liquor levels was critical… and further the placenta is matured and blood flow to the baby will get compromised…

Ms. Karthiga was shattered… she was going through her worst fears… her past repeating… she broke down badly and pleaded for a section… but our Chief after going a thorough medical assessment and considering all factors… said she can go through normal delivery… at least to begin with give a fair chance!

At about 38 plus weeks she was medically induced to support her labour… after about three hours… with all the ups and downs the expectant mother and father went through for last two years… a conquering princess emerged as light and sunshine!!!

The mother was moved in joy and tears… and the baby’s eyes started to twinkle as soon as she heard her father’s voice!!! The miracle of connection and bonding for all to see!!!!

We at My Birthplace - India’s First and Only Integrative Birthing Centre Led by Doctors wish the baby and the family the best the world can offer!!!

Mrs. Karthiga Vivekanandan’s

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