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Mrs. Helen Priyadarsini

Mrs. Helen Priyadarsini is a petite, delicate and a gentle expectant mother… who came to us at 18 weeks… initially she was consulting at a very renowned hospital… she felt extremely uncomfortable as she mentioned, they scared her a lot!!!

Her husband is a very caring and dotting partner… very understanding… it was lovely to see them both together and especially they way he took care of her like a baby!

She took up all yoga sessions properly and to the dot followed our dietary instructions… she had on and off some gum issues, and she couldn’t get any relief earlier… so our Chief Dr. Lakshmi Priya suggested her to take some Ayurvedic powders as given by our Ayurvedic Physician and it gave her some relief!!!

She also connected well with our Birthing Partner Ms. Sreeja and underwent all antenatal sessions thoroughly. Her petite and gentle demeanour gave us some doubts whether she’ll be able to deliver normally and she also had some fears naturally!

But at 40 weeks she went into spontaneous labour… during the initial labour she was able to manage well… as she progressed, pain was too high… and it did throw some challenges for the medical team!

Her contractions were good but dilatation was not to the expected level medically… so mild medical interventions were suggested and she took it and it aided and supported in her labour progression!

And finally she was able to push herself the baby angel who was around 3.5 kilos!!! All of us were so relived and happy for her and the father!!!

We from My Birthplace - India’s First and Only Integrative Birthing Centre Led by Doctors wish the baby and the family the best life offers!

Mrs. Helen Priyadarsini

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