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Twin boys or girls???

The story when joys are doubled!!!

A young bubbly expectant mother walks inside to meet our Chief Dr. Lakshmi Priya… from day one we all noticed the expectant mother had some rubbing of energy… always with positivity and happiness!

Her pregnancy was confirmed at 7 weeks… our Chief took her for scan and the team was by her side… our Chief’s face lit with a smile… all of us started noticing… our eyes brightened when we realised she was carrying twins… both the expectant parents were thrilled!!! Obviously not everyone has the double joy of conceiving and delivering twins!!!

With this joy also comes certain challenges… some precautions and extra care needed both by the couple as well as the medical team… and also the couple were keen for having a natural birthing!

So our Chief advised her to go for regular yoga and pranayama classes… not only (HER NAME) she attended but also consistently practiced yoga throughout her pregnancy.

Generally we notice that mothers expecting twins have some challenges or complications like back pain… bloating… gastritis… also she did not develop other common complications expected with twin pregnancy like diabetes and hypertension! Further she was active and happy throughout her pregnancy and very sincere with her yoga practice… her sincerity paid well!!!

Her pregnancy went on well with both the babies growing well equally!!!

So… twin boys or girls?!? The suspense continues… as the pregnancy progressed… we did notice that one of the baby was presenting with feet… so now we knew that natural birthing may not be that easy… but our Chief decided to stay course and wanted to give the progression more chances and waited till 38+ weeks…

But medically it was decided to go for an elective section… first twin was delivered with quite a challenge, as it presented feet position and the second delivered with ease…. We did delayed cod clamping as requested…

Though we couldn’t have a natural birthing… something that’s very very rare presented itself… the second baby delivered itself with its protective membrane in toto and intact naturally!!! What a sight to behold!!! How well naturally, nature takes care of the unborn in the beautiful safe darkness of the mother’s womb… waiting and delivering with care and protection, to see the light of the world!

We know… we know… twin boys or girls…???

There’s no limit to nature’s means and miracles… the Jaraldin Sharmila Vasanthraj delivered both, one boy and a girl!!!! Yes!!! When the family knew that everything went on well and it was both a boy and a girl… their joy really doubled!!!

What a sight!!! Yes we are also thrilled and so happy for the couple and their families! On behalf of My Birthplace - India’s First and Only Integrative Birthing Centre Led by Doctors, we welcome The Sun & The Moon to this world and we wish them that their presence shower light both in daytime and night like the sun and the moon!!!

Jaraldin Sharmila & Vasanthraj, Coimbatore

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