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Natural Birthing

Natural Birthing

To understand natural birthing, one has to understand what is nature? So what is nature? When you see nature, there’s one thing that’s so striking! It is that in nature, everything is in its rightful place, and it happens without any cause! Everything happens on its own accord for its own sake. Not for some purpose or for some predefined outcomes.


Vaginal Birthing After Caesarian or what’s popularly known as VBAC is having a normal delivery after going through a caesarian for the previous delivery. There’re varied factors that has to be medically and psychologically considered while planning or opting for a VBAC. A careful clinical assessment is a must. Saying this at My Birthplace, we approach VBAC with immense sensitivity by respecting the wishes of the expectant mother/couple.

Normal Delivery

Normal Delivery

Using human intelligence to tackle obstructions medically is part of nature as much nature uses its own intelligence to overcome its course wherever and whenever it is absolutely necessary. Here at My Birthplace we approach natural birthing through Careful Consideration, Wholesome Experience & Integrative Birthing


C-Section or Caesarian is one of the best medical surgical interventions as it saves two lives, that of the mother & baby! There’s some general aversion to caesarian as it’s widely misused… under right circumstances it’s truly a life saver!

We undertake caesarians only when it’s absolutely necessary and based on purely medical assessments. Further, utmost care is provided so that the expectant mother still has a wholesome birthing experience and is able to swing back to routine as early as possible.

C Section

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