Bahu Fort

Bahu fort

Bahu fort is located in  Jammu  city in state of  Jammu and kashmir (INDIA). This fort  is a religious place dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Maha Kali. Locally people called it as “Bawe Wale Mata Temple”. Bahu Fort stands tall as a sign of power. This fort is surrounded with the river “Tawi”. The Fort,  The Temple and the Bagh-e-Bahu are located 5 km from the Jammu City. Dogra King refurbished  the  fort in the 19th century. Bahu Fort is a heritage of the state Jammu and Kashmir(INDIA).


As per earliest record , Bahu fort has a connection with both, Bahu Lochan and Raja Jamboo Lochan who were the son of king Agnigarbha




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